Windsurfers going to fly at the Medemblik Regatta

By 8 April 2019 All news, Frontslider
Windfoil surfing at Medemblik Regatta

The Medemblik Regatta introduces Windfoil surfing as part of the regatta. Foiling is a new racing format in windsurfing, it could even be the future of Olympic windsurfing. At the Medemblik Regatta racing in this class takes place from Thursday 23th to Saturday 25th of May 2019.

Windfoil surfing is scheduled after the RS:X races, this way the surfers in this class can also enter in the foil class. In the Netherlands there’s a growing fleet of windfoil surfers, for them this is a great opportunity to compete in an international fleet in Medemblik. Aaron McIntosh, coach of the Dutch RS:X team with Dorian van Rijsselberge and Kiran Badloe, is excited to add foiling next to RS:X surfing. “For the RS:X surfers also competing in the foiling competition, it means more racing. This is a good period for us to organize this, we want to showcase wind foiling.”

His team is also excited about wind foiling at the Regatta. Last winter they’ve been training in New Zealand for the coming season in the RS:X class. But they’ve also competed in the New Zealand Windfoil Championships. That’s when the idea of adding Windfoil surfing to the Medemblik Regatta came up.

McIntosh: “Windfoiling is the evolution of windsurfing, it’s new and here to stay. The elegance and efficiency of the equipment is just so beautiful. At the Medemblik Regatta we expect 20 to 30 competitors, maybe even more. The format is set to be close to shore, the races are fast and dynamic. Ideal for engaging content.”

Future of Olympic Windsurfing?
“The RS:X has been a great board for the Olympics”, says McIntosh when talking about the future Olympic windsurfing. “But it’s time for a change. With foiling, we have the opportunity to inspire the next generation and that’s important. These decisions lay in the hands of World Sailing, we can only showcase Windfoiling to a bigger audience.”

About Windfoil surfing
Foiling is the new revolution in windsurfing. After the sailing sport has accepted the sport, now is the time for windsurfing. Reaching higher speeds on the board without needing a lot of wind. Windfoil surfing is possible with a wind speed starting from 8 to 10 knots, you only need enough wind to pull you up on the foil. Online registration for Windfoil surfing is open for men and women.