“The bigger the event, the more experience we gain and the more fun it gets”

By 6 February 2019 All news, Frontslider
Max Castelein at the Medemblik Regatta 2018 - RS:X U19

Registration to the 35th Medemblik Regatta opened and the first entry in the RS:X U19 came from Max Castelein. He also competed at the Medemblik Regatta last year: “That was my first U19 event in the RS:X. This really made it special. And happy to know that, because of last years success, we’re invited again.”

“The Medemblik Regatta 2018 was a good event for me. I did came one point short for the medal race due to material problems, that was harsh. But it was good for me to learn where I stood compared to my competitors. The level of competition in Medemblik was very high, the number 1 at the event even became World Champion in the RS:X last year.”

Max competed in his first event (BicTechno) when he was 14 years old, three years ago. After this, it took him some time to learn and understand the tactics and strategy. His best result so far is a 37th place at the World Championship RS:X 8.5 in 2018. Not completely satisfied with the result, but happy to know to be able to compete with the other guys.

“My goal for this season is to compete in a medal race at the European or World Championship. You have to have dreams to get somewhere right? Considering the result of last year and the things I’ve learned since I’m aiming for a top 10 result at this years Medemblik Regatta. I’m hoping for a big fleet like last year. The bigger the event, the more experience everyone gains and the more fun it gets!”