Accommodations in the surroundings of Medemblik

Looking for a place to stay in or near Medemblik? You can make use of several hotels / bungalow parcs. Please find the details of several places below.

You can also make use of our camping site, which is close to the Regatta Center. You can buy a ticket for the camping site at the info desk in the Regatta center. Tickets are available for the whole event for 75 euros. Follow the signs and instructions to the camping site of our traffic support on-site.

Bungalowpark de Vlietlanden
Droge Wijmersweg 5
1693 HP Wervershoof
Tel: +31(0) 228 581 491

Wapen van Medemblik
Oosterhaven 1
1671 AA Medemblik
T. +31(0) 227 543 844

Bungalowpark Zuiderzee
Oosterdijk 1
1671 HJ Medemblik
Tel:+31(0)227 542345

Recreatiepark De Groote Vliet
Onderdijk 245
1693 CG Wervershoof
T. +31 (0) 228 583 229