Road to Rio: Andre and Kyra Mirsky have the Olympics in their own town

By 26 May 2015 News


MEDEMBLIK, 26th May – The distance between Medemblik and Rio de Janeiro is 9.619,72 kilometers. When you have the Olympics in your backgarden, why visit Medemblik? The couple Andre and Kyra Mirsky compete at the Delta Lloyd Regatta in the Nacra 17.

Brasilian trials

,,It’s our dream to compete at the Olympics in our own town. Therefore we have to train as much as possible. In december we have the Brasilian trials. We need to win, otherwise we won’t compete at the Games’’, Kyra Mirsky explains their goal for this year.

Andre Mirsky visited the Delta Lloyd Regatta once before. In 1997 he competed in Medemblik in the Finn. In the silver fleet he ended second.

,,After that I changed to the big boats, but for the Olympics we decided to try it in the Nacra. The Delta Lloyd Regatta is our first big regatta together. At this moment we would be without a chance to qualify for the Olympics, but we still have six months. It will be though, but we think we can do it.’’

Mother from Laren

Kyra Mirsky laughs when asked if she knows something of the Netherlands. ,,I’m half Dutch. My mom is Dutch’’, she explains. ,,I still have a lot of family in Holland. I’m going to visit them after the Regatta. So that’s a nice part of this visit.’’

Competing at the Olympics would be a dream come through, she says. ,,It’s so special to have the Olympics in your hometown. It would be disappointing if we do not succeed.” She knows all the stories about the filthy water in Rio. ,,I’m already sailing there for years, never got ill. Everybody will survive, it’s not dangerous’’, she smiles.

Andre and Kyra pay their Olympic project themselves. ,,We’re not supported by the Brasilian Sailing Federation. So after the Olympics probably this project ends. I want to continue sailing regattas and Andre will go back to the big boats’’, Kyra tells.

Expectations for Medemblik

The Delta Lloyd Regatta must show the couple where they are comparing to the other top sailors. ,,It’s our first big test. We want to see how things work out on the water. We trained a lot and still have to do it a lot if we want our dream to come through. With seven months to the trials, it is important to see some progress. Our Olympic project is not unrealistic’’, Andre looks forward to the races.