Ocean sailor, Bouwe Bekking, loves Olympic sailing in Medemblik

By 24 May 2017 Frontslider, News
(Photo: Ricardo Pinto)

Bouwe Bekking became famous in the Netherlands from his adventures in the Volvo Ocean Race. He has competed seven times in the Ocean Race, three times as a skipper. Bouwe Bekking visited the Delta Lloyd Regatta, the biggest sailing event in the Netherlands with Olympic boats. He’s also a big fan of Olympic sailing. We asked the skipper, who’s still on the ocean regularly, a few questions.

How big’s the step from ocean sailing to the Olympic regatta on the IJsselmeer waters?
“First of all, it’s sailing. The Delta Lloyd Regatta is the biggest event in Olympic sailing in the Netherlands. I’m giving a presentation to 150 business people and, of course, I like to make the link to Olympic sailing. Delta Lloyd is a very important sponsor to sailing development in the Netherlands – their effort is great.”

Do you like Olympic sailing or is it only ocean for you?
“I love Olympic sailing! The hard work these boys and girls put in – they’re all top athletes. I’m following it as much as I can; it’s a big difference, but in the end, we all love sailing.”

You finished second in the Volvo Ocean Race with Team Brunel. What are you doing these days?
“I’m still sailing a lot, in all kinds of different boats. All big boats, always on the ocean. That’s a great feeling.”

A short while ago, there was the announcement of the new Dutch boat for the Volvo Ocean Race, the AkzoNobel. A new Volvo Ocean Race is coming up, what do you think about that?
“It’s fantastic! It’s very good that another big Dutch company invests money into the Volvo Ocean Race. The Volvo Ocean Race is deep in my veins, I’ve now done seven races. Personally, I’m really happy with the Dutch boat, it looks like they’re an international team. They’ve got fantastic sailors, with a great shot at getting a good result.”