The new format in the RS:X made the finals really exciting

By 27 May 2017 Frontslider, News

The winner takes all, and maybe it’s not a big surprise that it’s Dorian van Rijsselberghe (NED) who’s winning: “The new format is maybe a bit unfortunate for the top 3 of this week, but ended up okay for me. We had tricky conditions, anything could have happened. But it was a really nice week with all sorts of conditions. I’m happy!”

The quarterfinals started out with really close racing. In the semifinals it was close racing again for numbers 2 to 6, with van Rijsselberghe leading the fleet. His training partner, Kiran Badloe, didn’t finish in the top 6 and had to go to the repechage race. The winner from this race was Matthijs van ‘t Hoff, and he got the spare spot in the finals. Badloe: “This wasn’t my best day from this week. It has been a long week for us as well, the opening series can be shortened to 2 days. I’m disappointed, really wanted to win.”

Winner of the repechage race is Matthijs van ‘t Hoff (NED), so the finals are raced with the two Dutchies, Oël Pouliquen (FRA) and Matteo Evangelisti (ITA). Second place in the finals is for Oël Pouliquen (FRA).