Megan Pascoe: ‘It took me over a decade to get my hands on the world trophy’

By 28 March 2017 2.4M, All news, Frontslider

Megan Pascoe won the gold medal during the 2.4 Metre sailing World Championships last year. She will compete at the Delta Lloyd Regatta for the 8th time. ‘The queen of the Regatta  returns to Medemblik’


  • This will be the eighth time you compete at the Delta Lloyd Regatta. What is special for you about this event?

    • The IJsselmeer is very shifty which I like, it reminds me of growing up on the small ponds. Delta Lloyd Regatta is a well-run event with great race committee and an interesting bit of water to sail on.
  • What does it feels like to be World Champion within the 2.4mtr class?

    • It was an amazing event that just went my way. It took me over a decade to get my hands on the trophy so it was an amazing feeling to finally win.
  • What do you like the most about the Netherlands? And why?

    • Bitterballen! Frites with Nederlander sauce! The people are very friendly and easy going and it’s not that far to travel from the UK. I’m trying to learn the language.
  • What makes the 2.4mtr class special to you?

    • The fact that the class is sailed by all makes it special. It is equal sailing for everyone. For me it is the only singlehanded class that I can sail to a world class level. You meet so many different people because it takes everyone. Having Delta Lloyd Regatta open to all is why we turn up as the fleet is stronger. The class is growing in both the Netherlands and Germany and it is a great warm up to our World Championship in Sneek later in the year.
  • What does your perfect preparation look like before a race?

    • My boat needs to be in good condition and with sponsor Allen Brothers Performance Hardware, this is easy. Then it is all about being relaxed.
  • What are your biggest dreams besides your sailing career?

    • Seeing more of my niece and nephew would be good. Also making a career now that sailing is not in the Paralympics anymore.
  • Do you have any heroes within sports? And what makes them so special to you?

    • As I go back to amateur sailing my heroes are everyone that go sailing on a weekend and all those who look after our sailing clubs to allow everyone to enjoy their sailing. How they find the time I not sure.


We wish Megan Pascoe all the best of luck with her preparations! See you in Medemblik.