Innovative character SLAM and Medemblik Regatta match

By 22 May 2018 All news, Frontslider

The 34th edition of the Medemblik Regatta will be professionally dressed by SLAM as the clothing partner. The brand, originating from Italy, is imported in the Netherlands since 2013 by DutchMint. The brand, mostly known in the big boats, is expanding with a Skiff collection. “That is why we think the Medemblik Regatta is a good event to be linked to”, says Jeroen van Stijn, DutchMint director.

The Italian brand SLAM became known in the international circle, and specifically in competitions in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean area. This shows best in the collections, which are mostly intended for good weather conditions. Throughout the years the brand has been developing towards other weather conditions. Nowadays the collection has complete full weather gear for every sailor in all circumstances.

Introduction in the Netherlands

Until five years ago the brand was not very known in the Netherlands, only professional and competitive international sailors where seen in the clothes. The North Sea Regatta was the first event in the Netherlands where SLAM was introduced in the Netherlands via DutchMint: “At the regatta, we noticed a lot of sailors in clothes by the brand. Most of those sailors are sailing in international competitions. The Dutch dealers are interested in the brand, the modern Italian approach is appealing. The brand is also innovative, it was the first to introduce fleece and Primaloft in its collection. Many people will remember the onesies, reintroduced as limited edition for the 35-year anniversary of the brand. The retro look was very well received, amazing to see!” 

Development Skiff collection

It is this innovative part making SLAM and the Medemblik Regatta a good match according to DutchMint. “SLAM is making a shift to the skiff collection, something they just had to do. We are very happy with this development, especially since we are importers of big Skiff countries like the Benelux and Germany. And it is a logical result as many big boat sailors are learning to sail in smaller boats. When they start sailing in a brand as a kid, they are likely to stick to the same brand when they switch to the big boats.”

Rooster and Ocean Rodeo

DuthMint is also importer of Rooster and Ocean Rodeo. “Rooster is well known abroad, but in the Netherlands hardly anybody has heard of the brand. Pretty strange, Rooster is fashionable, lightweight, comfortable and has something for every Skiff sailor, just as SLAM. They have even dedicated clothing lines for children and women. Next to clothes, there is also deck gear for Lasers and other Skiffs.” Ocean Rodeo is less known among sailors, this has always been more of a kitesurf brand. But now, the drysuits kitesurfers wear in cold waters, are also developed for sailors in cold waters. This is ideally for those that want to keep sailing in the Dutch cold winters.”

The Ocean Rodeo suits probably won’t be used during the Medemblik Regatta, the conditions are looking pretty good. Van Stijn: “I hope that everyday is a different day when it comes to weather conditions, so every kind of sailor can show off his or her expertise. I think it is awesome so many talents compete at the Regatta, this is their chance to compete with the world top!”